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BlueKee FAQs

Why Use BlueKee?

What is BlueKee?

BlueKee in a nutshell: your secure digital-identity solution. It allows you to know and trust that the person at the end of the phone call, email, link or face to face is genuine.


BlueKee is a digital-identity platform that offers a straightforward and secure method of verifying your identity.


With BlueKee, your data is shared only when you explicitly give your consent.


Here's a scenario of how it functions:


Signing up for a service: when you're enrolling for a new service, the provider might prompt you to verify your identity using BlueKee. This could replace the need for you to input personal data manually into a web form.


Authentication and consent: once you authenticate yourself, you'll be prompted to review the information the service requires and grant your consent to share it.


Key points to remember about BlueKee:


You retain full control over when and where your personal information is shared.


BlueKee does not access, view or store your personal data.

Why digital identity?

As our online interactions surge, establishing a digital identity becomes pivotal. As an increasing number of transactions transition to the digital realm, the need to validate our identities in a trusted and safe environment becomes paramount.

Accessing services with a secure digital identity:

  • Reduced data copies: by using a digital identity, fewer duplicates of your identity documents and data are dispersed, minimising their exposure.
  • Heightened security: embracing digital identity lessens the chances of identity theft and fraudulent activities, ensuring a safer digital experience.
  • Controlled information-sharing: digital identity curbs the excessive sharing of personal details, enhancing your privacy.
  • Empowerment: employing a digital identity reinstates your authority over your personal information, granting you more control.
  • In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, a robust digital identity safeguards your personal data, bolsters security and reinstates your agency over your information.

What are the benefits of using BlueKee?

BlueKee empowers you by putting you in control over when and where your data is shared.


BlueKee ensures secure and streamlined data-sharing, eliminating the need to manually input details into forms or oversharing information.


You maintain a comprehensive record of organisations with whom you've shared your data.

BlueKee's functionality is integrated into established organisations you already trust. Once your preferred organisation incorporates BlueKee, there's no need for additional sign-ups or app downloads.


Importantly, BlueKee does not retain your personal information.

Who proves my identity?

Proving your identity is a three-step process:


  1. BlueKee uses a highly secure government agency to verify that your submitted documents are real, valid and the details and features are legitimate.
  2. BlueKee uses the latest in live biometric scanning to prove you are alive and captures dozens of comparison points by having you submit a selfie.
  3. We then apply the world's best algorithms to compare the verified documents with your submitted live biometric.


You have now proved who you are via the app in your phone. Then we generate a secure identity: by mathematically creating a BlueKee ID that cannot be reverse engineered.

Importantly, BlueKee does not retain your personal information.

Is BlueKee digital identity safe?

BlueKee has been built from the ground up to meet the requirements of the federal government’s trusted digital identity framework (TDIF). When you create your BlueKee, identity proofing is undertaken by a TDIF-accredited identity provider. Our process prioritises trust, privacy and security.


With BlueKee, you’re in control of what data you choose to share and the timing of such sharing. You exclusively divulge information when you direct it. You get to review the data to be shared before granting consent.


Before any data is shared, you will be asked to authenticate your identity on the app – so the receiving party knows it really is you and not someone pretending to be you. This step ensures the information is shared only by you and not someone impersonating you.


Likewise, the receiving party is identified to you via the BlueKee App. identification is now two-way and mutual. No more calls from unlisted numbers asking about your personal details!


Your data is transferred using the latest security protocols and standards. BlueKee facilitates the controlled transfer of information, subject to your consent, to the relying parties, but does not store your personal information.

BlueKee and Privacy

How does BlueKee safeguard the control I have over my privacy?

BlueKee is a privacy advocate.  Our priority is ensuring your autonomy over your identity.


As such, the BlueKee digital-identity ecosystem is meticulously crafted to prioritise your privacy and security. It incorporates measures to prevent the accumulation, profiling, utilisation or commercialisation of your personal information for alternate objectives.


  • Creating a BlueKee digital identity is voluntary.
  • Users are given the opportunity to consent to the sharing of their personal information.
  • At any stage, users can request that their digital identity be deleted.

BlueKee secures your personal information through robust security protocols, empowering you to retain control over your identity particulars. Consequently, your information remains inaccessible and impervious to sharing by any party, including ourselves. This steadfast approach safeguards you from potential identity theft and unauthorised use.

Do I get to choose which information I share with BlueKee?

The architecture of the BlueKee digital-identity ecosystem revolves around granting you authority over your personal data. Its design ensures your privacy remains intact by solely divulging essential personal information required for transactions, rather than sharing your entire identity documents. Notably, you can see the information services required and your explicit consent is needed to share this information.

Can anyone else access my personal details or BlueKee account?

Any details you add to your BlueKee digital identity are fully encrypted and safely stored on your own device. Only you have the key to unlock your encrypted details, which is stored safely in your phone, not in our database.

Can businesses access my data without my permission?

Our systems are built in a way that means we cannot mine or sell your data to third parties. Once we’ve completed our security checks, we can’t access any of your personal details. We can’t send your details to a business or individual until you choose to send them, from your device.


Businesses can only receive the information that you choose to send. There are no BlueKee databases of user information for business or government to access and so no “back doors” and no non-disclosed storage.


Nothing stored means nothing stolen.


How does BlueKee confirm the identity of the person using BlueKee?

Using biometric face match, we compare the scan of the user’s face captured during liveness detection with their ID document photo to confirm that the ID document belongs to the user.

Why does BlueKee take a scan of your face?

This face scan serves as an automated verification method to confirm your authenticity. When you connect with other BlueKee users, you can feel safe knowing they’re real people too.


Additionally, this facial scan process generates your unique biometric key. This key becomes essential when you perform specific actions within the app; you'll need to authenticate yourself either by taking a facial scan or a selfie. This action ensures the provided image aligns with your biometric key, preventing any attempts at impersonation.

How does BlueKee protect my biometric information?

Employing biometrics, such as your face, to prove who you are online is safe, secure and reliable. The process of aligning a facial scan with your identity documents holds significant security value, effectively minimising the potential for identity theft and fraudulent activities.


  • Your biometric template (selfie) is only saved on your device, not on our servers.
  • We take a one-way hash of your biometric template to prevent tampering, but we never store your image on our servers.
  • We never have access to your on-device native biometrics (fingerprint, Face ID).
How does BlueKee technology ensure the user is really who they say they are?

Our anti-spoofing liveness detection test gives us confidence that we’ve captured an image of a real person in front of a camera, not a spoof through an automated bot, mask or photo.

How does liveness detection work?

The purpose of liveness detection technology is to eliminate presentation attacks that fraudsters use to spoof remote identity-verification processes. The detection algorithm uses a neural network trained by seeing millions of genuine and spoof images to identify fraud, just as a human brain learns.


The algorithms are paired with our auto-capture components that guide a user to take the best possible photo for evaluation. As a result, our liveness detection can accurately detect various types of presentation attack vectors to distinguish a real face from a spoof.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen with my BlueKee app on it?

Your BlueKee app is protected by biometric (thumbprint or face-scanning) and passcode technology, so in the event your phone ends up in the wrong hands, the app won’t be accessible.


The BlueKee app on your lost or stolen device will automatically be disabled as soon as you log in from a new device, providing an extra layer of security in addition to biometric technology.

And if needed, the BlueKee help desk can disable your device while you organise a replacement phone.

Data Storage

I've input my information into BlueKee. Where is it stored and how secure is it?

Your privacy and the security of your personal data are paramount to us.


After you have scanned your chosen identification documents, they are verified through BlueKee’s secure server. Once verified, BlueKee removes all data from its servers to ensure the only place it exists is on your phone. Your personal information is stored securely only on your own device in the BlueKee app, where it is rigorously encrypted and safeguarded by three levels of security.


Only you possess the capability to access your data using your phone. Your personal information remains inaccessible and encrypted unless you explicitly authorise it and no individual from BlueKee can access or view your data.


BlueKee maintains no access to, preservation of, or storage of personal information. Its role is purely that of a reliable channel for verifying your identity.


As soon as your identity has been verified via the BlueKee app, all records of your documents are deleted from BlueKee’s server, meaning the only place you can access them is on your phone.


BlueKee does not store your data or biometric information on a centralised storage system. With BlueKee, your information is independent of any organisation or business data and in the safest hands possible – your own on your device and released only with your consent.

How does BlueKee differ from other organisations that collect and store my data?

In contrast with other digital-identity providers, BlueKee doesn't store any of your personal or sensitive data in a central location.


There are two key ways in which we differ:
  1. Unlike organisations that collect data to prove your identity, BlueKee does not keep your personal documents or information on a centralised data storage system. Your data is kept in one place – on your phone, in your BlueKee app – lowering your risk of identity theft.
  2. BlueKee provides businesses only with the minimum data required to prove your identity, rather than handing over all your personal data as you are required to do when verifying your identity manually. 

    For example, if a business needs to verify only your age, the BlueKee app, with your consent, will release this information from your device, but not your address or date of birth. This keeps any unnecessary information safe from people who don’t need to know it.
Does BlueKee keep me safe from the types of cyber attacks I’ve been seeing in the news?

Yes, BlueKee’s innovative digital-identity system significantly reduces the risk of identity theft if an organisation experiences a centralised data storage system hack. By using BlueKee, businesses don’t need to store your personal information on their systems to complete identity verification.


We also reduce the risk of consumers being the victims of fraud as BlueKee’s over-the-phone verification uses an in-app push notification, rather than an SMS or phone call that can be easily faked.

Does BlueKee replace the storage of all data by businesses and government?

No, but BlueKee does reduce what information is stored by businesses and government so that only the minimum information is collected and stored. This ensures that if an organisation were to experience a security breach, such as hacking, there is significantly less personal data available for them to access, lowering your risk of identity theft.


What BlueKee does do is remove the need for personal data to be exchanged when routinely verifying one’s identity with a business or government department, because with BlueKee you are enrolled only once and then all personal data is discarded. Subsequently, any requirement to prove one’s identity relies on the fact that you have been pre-identified and so only the mathematical identity code is exchanged; there is NO requirement to contemporaneously submit any personal data.

BlueKee Costs

Is BlueKee a paid service?

BlueKee is free of charge for customers who wish to use it to verify their identity.


Businesses and government who wish to use BlueKee’s digital verification technology to seamlessly confirm the identity of their customers should get in touch to determine the right package for their needs.

How does BlueKee afford to offer a free service?

Our systems are built in a way that means only the user can access their data, which means we cannot mine or sell user data to third parties.


The BlueKee app will always be free for individuals.


We make money by charging businesses and government to check the identity details of their customers.

How is BlueKee billed?

BlueKee works with organisations and enterprises to cater for their specific needs when it comes to identity authentication.


If you are interested in learning more about how we can tailor a package for you, get in touch with our team today.

Individuals and BlueKee

What are the benefits for an individual in using BlueKee?

Your BlueKee digital identity serves as your reliable means to verify identity.


It offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Convenience use it on the move, 24/7.
  • Efficiency save time whenever you need to prove identity, or an identity attribute, such as age.
  • Reusability establish it once and then employ it whenever identity verification is required.
  • Privacy trust in the confidentiality and safeguarding of your information.
  • Security its robust security negates the necessity to recall passwords.
  • One-time set-up, endless use establish it once, then use it repeatedly whenever identity confirmation is needed.
How much data do I need to provide a business when verifying my identity?

We encourage businesses to ask for only the minimum details they need, so when you verify your identity with them you can feel safe sending less data. It’s a new way to prove identity that doesn’t reveal everything about you.

What will I be able to do with BlueKee?

Almost instantly identify yourself, without transmitting personal data.

Know and trust that the person at the end of the phone call, email, link or face to face is genuine.

How can I use BlueKee at participating organisations?

Via a QR code if checking into a site, event, club or other venue.

Via the app if on the phone or via the internet.

We are currently developing near-field communication (NFC) and beacon solutions to suit a wide variety of in-person and person-to-person use cases.

Setting up a BlueKee

How many times will I need to prove my identity with BlueKee?

With BlueKee, you need to create your digital identity only once before using it universally.


Frequent identity verification is essential for accessing business services. Gathering vital documents and providing physical copies each time you need to verify your identity can be both time-consuming and laborious.


Adopting a BlueKee digital identity streamlines your interactions with business, enabling seamless transactions. This negates the requirement to carry identity documents to business storefronts and eliminates the need for multiple logins for diverse organisations.


Your BlueKee digital identity empowers you to validate your identity online or in person for professional, educational and personal endeavours, all while enjoying reusability.

What documents are supported for identity verification?

BlueKee is designed to safely authenticate your identity via a government-issued photographic document from the 100 points of identification suite.


At present, we support the use of a passport, driver’s licence or immigration card.


Other photo id documents are added as the Australian government includes them in their verification library.

How long does the verification process take?

Setting up your BlueKee account usually takes just two minutes.

How does this process work?

Setting up your BlueKee account takes just a few minutes. To verify your identity, you will be required to provide an Australian-issued photo identification, as per government guidelines. From here, BlueKee will verify your identity and store relevant data in the encrypted, secure BlueKee app on your device.


The process of getting started with your BlueKee ID is simple – and you need to do it only once:



To get started, simply download the BlueKee app and follow the prompts.



Use secure biometric data and create your unique BlueKee access code.



Complete our simple ID verification system to confirm your identity.

How does biometric authentication work?

Biometric authentication uses the unique biological characteristics of individuals – such as your thumbprint, voice or facial features – to verify one’s identity. When you set up BlueKee, you will set up biometric authentication by scanning your face or thumbprint. The app will then compare your biometric data with what is stored each time you wish to access your BlueKee app, ensuring you are the only person who can access your sensitive information.

What happens if my identity verification fails?

Failure for non-fraudulent enrolment may occur for various reasons, such as if your passport photo issued to you as a ten-year-old does not sufficiently match your 19-year-old face. Scratched and defaced driver’s licence documents may be rejected by the government checking process or by the biometric comparison process.


BlueKee strives to perform the highest level of verification fidelity yet still give the smoothest, friction-free customer experience.


Our help desk can assist legitimate BlueKee applications using non-defaced documents.

How do I create a BlueKee digital identity on my phone?

To create your reusable BlueKee digital identity, you’ll need to add a government-approved photo identity document. Accurate data extraction of these identity documents using optical character recognition (OCR) is then verified by the governments document verification service (DVS).


Once verified, your identity document details are added to your BlueKee and securely encrypted so only you can unlock and access them.


Your BlueKee serves to validate your identity with our expanding array of partner entities.

Is it hard to verify my identity?

With BlueKee, verifying your identity is easy. Validate your identity once and subsequently your smartphone can serve as your identification wherever BlueKee is recognised.

Can I use BlueKee as proof of identity for venues like bars and clubs?

Yes, you can use BlueKee as a simple yet safe way to provide proof of identity for entrance into age-restricted venues. In this scenario, unnecessary data – such as your address, date of birth, and licence number – remain secure, minimising the risk of sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands.


Verifying Your Identity On-Site

Created your BlueKee ID? Great! Once you’re onsite, simply follow these steps to verify your identity:


  1. Open the BlueKee app;
  2. Authenticate with your biometrics;
  3. Scan the QR code and consent to share the required information.

    And that’s it – you’re verified and ready to enter the venue.

Businesses and BlueKee

Can I use identity-verification services for my business?

Yes. BlueKee is designed to help businesses verify the identification of customers, employees and other stakeholders quickly, securely and confidently. It’s the fastest and easiest way to confirm someone’s identity.

How does BlueKee work for businesses?

BlueKee facilitates customised policies to cater for diverse business needs. Your business can specify the necessary data for distinct-use cases, helping to streamline customer experiences, tackle fraud and curb associated losses. By using encryption and facial biometric authentication, BlueKee ensures individuals' information remains secure on their mobile devices, affording your business a heightened level of assurance regarding customers identity.


BlueKee fosters smoother interactions and bolsters security for business.

How can BlueKee advantage my business?

BlueKee seamlessly integrates into your existing systems and platforms. By verifying customer identities, BlueKee contributes to an enhanced customer experience, ultimately driving your business forward.

For businesses, BlueKee can offer several advantages:

  • Our digital identification technology offers a fast, reliable and secure way for businesses and organisations to verify the identity of their customers, promoting efficiency and customer trust.
  • Reduced manual data handling: BlueKee reduces the need to manually collect or validate customer data, saving time and resources.
  • Minimal data storage: by facilitating direct data-sharing from trusted entities, BlueKee reduces the need to store excess customer data, enhancing data security.
  • Enhanced data quality and fraud prevention: data shared from reputable parties via BlueKee improves data quality and mitigates the risk of fraudulent activities.
  • Customer identification: with customer authentication you can be sure the person is who they claim to be. Stop misidentifying customers who may not be who they say they are.
  • Cost-efficient onboarding: by decreasing manual rework, BlueKee lowers customer onboarding costs, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Enhanced customer experience: BlueKee streamlines the user experience by minimising manual data entry for customers and preventing them from repeating the process every time.
  • Incorporating BlueKee into your business operations can foster efficiency, security and an enhanced customer journey, ultimately contributing to your business growth.
  • Minimise the time and resources spent manually collecting and verifying customer identity documents.
What industries can benefit from identity-verification solutions?

Any business that frequently needs to confirm the identity of its customers or employees can benefit from BlueKee. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Contracted workforce
  • Banks
  • Call centres
  • Real estate agencies
  • Daycare centres
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Age-restricted venues
  • Hotels
  • Airports

Government and BlueKee

How will BlueKee work with future government digital-identity services?

The government system will allow operators like BlueKee to identify individuals using myGovID and still allow for BlueKee’s superior business solutions.


BlueKee can serve as an intermediary, using myGovID for individual identification. Our platform enhances business solutions by offering advanced identity verification, secure data management and streamlined onboarding.


This collaboration combines government-backed identification with BlueKee's innovative features, providing a secure and enhanced experience.

What will the difference be between BlueKee and any future government ID?

Government identity systems won't be seamless and integrate to existing businesses:


Integrating government identity systems with existing businesses historically presents challenges due to differing requirements and technological limitations. BlueKee, as a flexible digital-identity platform, is well-positioned to bridge this gap.


Our adaptability allows us to seamlessly interface with government systems, ensuring a smoother experience for businesses and users alike.